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Now Available! Firefly Wishes

Firefly Wishes

(Originally published as The Mommy Plan)

Modern medicine can replace worn, defective hearts, but only love can heal a broken one…


Broken-hearted teacher Rachel Thompson isn’t sure volunteering at Camp Firefly Wishes, a special summer camp for transplant kids and their families, will help her put the pieces of her life back together.


Overprotective single dad James McClain just wants his eight-year-old, Molly, to have a normal summer experience for the first time. Within reason, of course.


Molly knows her dad worries about her all the time. She worries about him, too. What he needs is someone else to think about. Someone else to be there for him, just in case her transplanted heart goes bad.


Take a determined eight-year-old matchmaker, add moonlight, fireflies, and heartfelt wishes, and odds are a summer romance is in the making.


But summer always ends, fireflies fade, and Rachel’s already lost one child. How can she give her barely-patched-together heart to this man and his medically-fragile daughter?


RWA's Golden Heart™ Contest Finalist (under title Firefly Wishes)

Nominated by Romantic Times: Reviewers' Choice Award, Best Superromance of the Year


A "phenomenal story, so full of emotion that one is captured in its pages."  4 1/2 hearts - Kelley Hartsell, Love Romances

 “...delivers a powerfully emotional tale.”  Rob Preece, (Full review, click here)


"James McClain comes to Camp Firefly Wishes for help dealing with his daughter's heart transplant, but he finds someone who needs comfort more than he does. Since losing her son, Rachel Thompson's been on the edge, but with James' guidance, she's shedding her guilt over being alive, and learning to love again. From grief to joy to romance, Susan Gable's THE MOMMY PLAN (4.5) is like a quilt—each patch stitched tenderly together, creating a fulfilling story. One scene especially will touch reader's hearts." - 4.5 stars, Top Pick,  Pamela Cohen, Romantic Times BookClub Magazine



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