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Book Video Portfolio

Want me to make a video for YOUR book?

Email me: Susan Gable  or use my Contact Page

Romantic suspense novel, Survive the Night, from award-winning author Diana Duncan. First in the Final Countdown - 24 Hours SWAT series.

Medieval historical romance novel, Knight of the Mist, from author Jennifer August

A book ad video to promote a short .99 sale of Holly Jacob's romantic comedy novel, I Waxed My Legs for This?

A preorder promotional video to market USA Today Bestselling Author Loree Lough's new Amish romance novel, All He'll Ever Need, from Kensington. The book is now on sale.

A preorder promotional video to market  the Christian mystery anthology, Summer of Suspense. The strong marketing efforts (including this video!) by these 16 authors led the book to debut on the USA Today Bestseller's list!

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