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Promise to Keep Audio Sample - Chandra Skyye
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A Promise to Keep (Hawkins Family 3)
(originally published as As Good as His Word)

Loving her wasn’t what he’d promised…

Hayden Hawkins made a deathbed promise to his brother Ian: Hayden would watch over Ian’s son Nick, and the boy’s mother, Ronni. Despite Hayden’s initial feelings for Ronni, everything changed when she captured—then broke—Ian’s heart. Hayden’s avoided her since.

Now Nick’s in trouble and needs Hayden’s guidance. It’s time to keep his promise. But getting close to Ronni stirs up old emotions, not all of them good. Then there’s the new chemistry they’re both feeling.

The last thing Ronni needs is to get involved with former Marine Hayden, notoriously known as the love ‘em and leave ‘em member of the Hawkins family. Not that he’d want her anyway. Her own husband hadn’t wanted her…the cheating husband she’d intended to divorce before an IED in the Middle East blew up her entire life, trapping her in a prison of the vows he’d broken.

Hayden can’t help but feel for her. She’s not the woman he thought she was. She’s so much more.

She deserves happiness.

But neither of them can see how that’s possible.


"...a charming tale about how love has the power to heal all wounds."  4 Stars, Romantic Times BOOKreviews Magazine

"Gable always packs the emotion, and she certainly delivers in this one... Solid story, big issues..." - GoodReads Reviewer

"This book blew me away with how real and emotional it was. Susan Gable has won a new fan with this book – It was my first of hers and will not be my last. This book knocked my socks off and I totally wasn't expecting it!" - GoodReads Reviewer

"Susan Gable just knows how to do it all. Not only can she find deep, twisty conflicts that both grab the heartstrings and yank, but are also real and believable. And seemingly impossible to resolve. I have never been disappointed by one of her books and do not ever expect to be." - GoodReads Reviewer


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