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The Baby Plan 


What he wants... a baby. A child of his own. Jake Manning more or less raised his younger siblings; he loves kids and knows he's a natural father. However, he's had zero success as a husband. So he comes up with a baby plan, one that requires a woman, but not a wife.

What she needs... money. Security. An education. A home. Harley Emerson might be a crack mechanic, but a flase conviction makes jobs hard to come by. She has no family and few friends. Jake's proposition offers her a way to get what she needs. But before she'll agree to have his baby, Harley insists on two things: a marriage of concenience and an "old-fashioned" conception.

What they find... love. Neither of them expected it. Neither knows what to do with it. But sometimes plans change -- for the better. Sometimes you need more than you want -- and want more than you need.


RWA's Rita Award Finalist, Best First Book
RIO(Reviewers International Organization)'s Dorothy Parker Award, Best Debut Novel Winner
More than Magic Award Winner
Nominated by Romantic Times: Reviewers' Choice Award, Best Superromance of the Year

"...THE BABY PLAN (4 1/2) is like a rainbow: As Jake and Harley's love emerges into the light, the colors of the romance change in intensity. Readers will adore Harley's individuality." 4.5 stars, Top Pick, Pamela Cohen, Romantic Times Bookclub Magazine

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