My Latest Creative Venture - a coloring book for grownups!

My latest creative venture is now available!

This is my first adult coloring book, Delightful Designs

I needed something different, something new, and this was a lot of fun!

Research has shown that coloring is almost as effective as meditation in reducing stress -- that's why you're seeing so many of these coloring books all over the stores!

Here's a video to let you see all the different designs. Grab your crayons or colored pencils, or whatever you like to color with (markers, gel pens...I even know some colorists who are using eye shadow as part of their work!) and have some fun!

My latest release!

No, it's not a romance novel.

This book is based on one of the workshops I've given at RWA National.

Character Motto: A Writer's Tool for Creating 3-D Characters & Enhancing Plot, Setting & Conflict will help writers dig deeper into their characters as well as use this knowledge to enhance many aspects of their novel.

My very first heroine, Harley, had a motto. She believed Success is the Best Revenge.

Later on in my writing, I learned how to pit my hero and heroine against one another with opposing mottos.

I can show you how to do it, too! It works with all sorts of writing, not just romance.

So if you're a writer, looking for a slightly different take on creating characters, or just want to learn how to pump up all aspects of your story, check it out!