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Introducing: Trippin' with Holly & Susan

I have been bugging my good friend, Holly Jacobs, about doing something like this for at least a year and a half now. It's always come down to the issue of time - neither of us have anywhere near enough of it.

But she came up with this great idea when we scheduled to do an all-day writing workshop in Syracuse. What if we used the hours we'd be in the car to work on making a vlog? Or travel show. Or readers/writers educational channel. Or whatever the heck it was/is that we're creating.

Brilliant! She's trapped in a car with me and can't get away!

So we're going to be bringing you episodes of Trippin' with Holly & Susan twice a week - on Mondays, because that's Holly's "glee day" (she loves Mondays) and on Fridays, because like most normal people, that's my glee day.

If you have any questions about writing, books, life...write it in the comments, or send me an email. (Susan @ SusanGable DOT com.) We'll be looking for stuff you want to hear about from us.

Come along with us! Roadtrippin' is a lot more fun with friends!

Here are a few of Holly's books:

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